Founded in 2008 by two of the most intelligent, funny and modest individuals you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

We are a hard-working team that look to put the client at the center of everything we do.

We have a direct, hands-on approach to delivering solutions for problems that companies, for far too long, have simply learnt to live with.

Wherever your business is on the spectrum - whether you are on the cutting edge of technological advances or at the start of your tech-journey, we can add value.

Applied Optimization is our methodology and is delivered through people, processes and technology.

We design solutions tailored specifically to your needs - ensuring that you achieve success which we quantify as a reduction in costs, an increase in revenues and reduction of risk.


Ayoh Founding Member

Michael has a BCom in Business Management and 12 years consulting experience.
He takes a solutions based approach to clients and is always on the look out for improvements to their business.
He is a fanatic supporter of a certain Premier League team. For business reasons, this team can only be revealed on request, perhaps over a beverage.

“There’s more to life than being incredibly good-looking”

Ayoh Founding Member

Ross has 19 years of experience in office automation and consulting.
He has sold, managed sales teams, designed and implemented solutions for some of SA’s biggest companies and headed up the start of MPS at his previous employer.
The man can handle a guitar and can sing like an angel.

“Nobody puts baby in the corner”

Of course, if you are disrupting the status quo of unsatisfactory client relations, you need a star Client and Account Liaison Manager, or as we like to call her, our CALM

Meet Megan Starbuck, who cut her teeth in various roles and components in the industry. She also has a background in accounting and payroll and brings that expertise into our Applied Optimisation methodology. She however is a natural in an Account Relationship role and that’s why we invited her to join the AYOH team.

She’s always pushing herself forward, whether it’s studying an Accounting diploma, spinning or series-bingeing, so you can expect the same when she works with you.

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If you are anywhere near IT these days, digitisation will come up at some point. We know that, which is why we wanted someone who knew software and development from the inside.

We introduce you to Nkosana Radebe, our Process Pathfinder, who has nine years’ experience in the industry as a Project Manager & Team Lead. His IT Diploma has stood him in good stead, giving him the firm foundation that is vital to an industry as fast-changing as this one.

In his own words, “I’m a sucker for shoes…” and his good taste in footwear extends to savvy insight in business as well, as you’ll discover if you work with him.

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DaaS (Device as a Service) is an exciting new offering from AYOH and so, we wanted an exciting, new face to drive this initiative to the market for us. Introducing Lungisani Sithole, our DaaS Spezialist!

Sales is a new and exciting challenge for Lungisani, whose background is on the other side of the IT equation, from onsite IT support to the IT Team Lead at big corporates, he is used to making sure things work. We have a man on the inside that can take an empathetic, client-centric approach to our client’s IT and find the best way to resolve issues.

He’s no stranger to heavy lifting (literally and figuratively), with background studies in IT Support and Infrastructure and weightlifting at the gym.

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We like a man whose life philosophy is, “Do your task right the first time.” As Tech Wizards go, we think that’s a pretty good principle - keep IT running, do it right, and we’ll be the best AYOH we can.

Meet Thabiso Thwala, The Fixer at AYOH. His Software Development IT Diploma boosted him into the industry two years ago, starting as an IT Technician, and now progressing to our AYOH family to keep our tech ticking.

Thabiso knows about both teamwork and staying ahead of the game from his hours of watching sports, and this team player is definitely an asset at AYOH.

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You know one of those people who make admin seem effortless? Well we’ve got one, and her name is Candida Osner, our Admin Advancer. She’s been in the industry for twenty-eight years and knows how to put the CAN and DID into Candida!

Candida is good at helping things flourish, whether it’s her garden or a business like AYOH. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and roll up her sleeves to make things happen.

Her extensive background and studies in Office Admin and Accounts have made her a business powerhouse, and we couldn’t be more grateful. And our client’s love her as she is always going the extra mile to keep them happy.

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Field Tech Leader

They say you can’t buy experience and that’s why Milsid’s addition to the team is priceless.

Milsid leads up the technical field team

Milsid’s 40 years in IT support (29 of those at HP) gives AYOH expert level insight into HP’s Support infrastructure.

Reliable, helpful and always prepared to go above and beyond, Milsid personifies the experience we want our clients to have when support is needed.

Mr. Kuhn’s helpful streak extends into his “down time” where he is leading efforts to make his community better.

New Business Generator

Friendly and charming, she LEADS the charge in spreading the good AYOH word.

Hayley has vast experience in internal sales of print supplies.

To many of our new clients and prospects, Hayley is the first personal experience of AYOH and we glad to have her as our first impression.

She is a Moto-cross MOM and an aspiring Spanish speaker

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” This quote is written all over Mervyn Edwards, who embodies it by being the AYOH Fixer.

Printer repair required? Mervyn is on it. Laptop troubles? Just call The Fixer. Whether on-site or at home, one thing you can count on is that Mervyn is there, fixing what has broken.

His qualifications are a mouthful, but his results are always smooth - he is an HP Certified Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional who is also Comptia A+ and N+ Certified.

This certified and experienced printer and notebook specialist will clear the roadblocks in your IT so you can get to that beautiful business destination - focusing on what your business does best. Send us a postcard when you get there, will you?

Business is changing, right? In a world where advertisements are called ‘Skip Ads’ and being an Instagram influencer is a valid career choice, men like Gugu Sibanda are no longer Loerie hunters, but Relationship Hunters.

With a BCom Honours in Marketing Management, Gugu takes his book smarts to the streets, not to find mere customers but future partners. AYOH isn’t about swiping right for a quick Netflix and Chill, and Gugu is the matchmaker who will set us up ;)

With experience in marketing and communications for the largest healthcare brand in South Africa, Gugu brings his unique skillset to AYOH along with his natural gifts of perseverance and patience.

Gugu Sibanda. Relationship Hunter. Helping AYOH hit their targets, one relationship at a time.