Date :  2020-11-10


Let’s talk security.

Information is the most valuable of a business’ assets in the age of digital transformation. You may have your CCTV cameras and employee biometric entry systems at the ready, but how secure are your endpoints?

You are only as secure as your most vulnerable endpoint. Anything connected to your network adds a way for cybercriminals to access your confidential business information.

Powered by HP, AYOH assesses your network infrastructure, taking into account things like mobile working plus all the devices connected to your network, including printers.

  1. People - the new wave of mobile working means that employees access your network off-site. Are they accessing information securely?
  2. Print - gone are the days of the copy machine standing alone in the corner. The advantages of having a networked print fleet make them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. How safe are your printers?
  3. PC - no matter where your employees may log in, their devices should have secure access to your network. Is mobile working both efficient and secure?

AYOH has the answers to these questions. Give us a call and soon you’ll feel secure because your business is secure.

Just another way to disrupt the status quo with AYOH, powered by HP.

Let us disrupt your status quo. We will sign an all-inclusive, managed HP SLA with genuine HP parts and supplies, proactive automated billing, technical service and managed consumables stocking. Once you have control over your print environment, you can start the journey to convert it into a paperless, automated workflow.
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