Date :  2019-03-11

Cost of Print
FOR EVERY RAND you spend on printing, you will spend another R9 to manage it! Let that sink in. 90% of your printing costs go towards document management, end-user time, admin and IT support. A mere 10% is spent on the actual cost of printing; hardware, supplies, maintenance and power. The current status quo involves suppliers haggling with customers over a couple of cents for the cost per copy, sometimes with half a cent being a deal breaker. On 10,000 prints, that’s a difference of R50. This approach doesn’t take into account the true cost of ownership, such as the fact that lower quality devices need more technical support, and drain your business of valuable IT resources. AYOH is disrupting the status quo by focusing on the area that makes up 90% of your print costs: workflow. We start by putting in the right devices at affordable prices from the beginning. Then we reduce your true cost of ownership by addressing the R9 you spend for every R1 printing. By digitising and automating your time and cost-intensive document processes, you save money from your top and bottom line, and work more efficiently and productively. Have a look for yourself at the cost of printing, and you will agree that haggling over cents makes no sense. Once you understand the true cost of print, it is easy to see that managing the processes making up 90% of your costs should be your focus. AYOH can help you with that: Michael Diederiks: 083 775 9965 • Ross Rencken: 082 802 2235 •
Let us disrupt your status quo. We will sign an all-inclusive, managed HP SLA with genuine HP parts and supplies, proactive automated billing, technical service and managed consumables stocking. Once you have control over your print environment, you can start the journey to convert it into a paperless, automated workflow.
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