Date :  2019-08-07


AYOH is now offering notebooks and desktops. Of course, as disruptors of the status quo, there has to be something that’ll make your life easier with this offering, right?

You’ve read about Managed Print Services, with everything to do with print managed as a service. Now, as we launch our desktop and notebook range, everything to do with your devices can be managed as a service too.

It’s called DaaS - Device as a Service - and it’s a whole lot more than just renting some phones and computers. Most of us use a computer, tablet and phone, or combination of those. It’s great to get us mobile - not so great are the security risks, IT headaches, multiple operating systems (OS), and devices depreciating at different rates. The cost of being mobile comes in the administration.

Just as we employ Applied Optimisation to print hardware, now we can do the same for the devices used in your business. Choosing your devices on a service-based model takes care of all of the administrative challenges above, and saves you cash as well.

OK, so why DaaS?

  1. Mix ’n Match Devices: your techies might need robust Androids, your creatives powerful Macs. We can provide any mix of devices you need.
  2. IT will loooove you: we will proactively secure and manage all the different operating systems for you, with Service Experts on hand.
  3. Single price per device: convenient and easy to understand, we have flexible payment options to match your budget.
  4. Dashboard that DaaS: our analytics use machine learning, automated rules and live data to produce analytics that you can actually use, all delivered in easy to understand reports.

And data security?

We’re glad you asked. As we mentioned in our security blog in March, security is one of the biggest headaches for senior management.

Here’s how DaaS handles that:

  1. Protection against cyber threats in real time
  2. No more endpoint attacks from email attachments, phishing or .exe files
  3. Protection against human error when employees click on dangerous links
  4. Security intelligence presented in a single dashboard
  5. Extra fortification from Service Experts who monitor your dashboard and keep you ahead of cyber criminals

In conclusion…

Not only can you now get notebooks and desktop computers from AYOH, you get a whole lot more thrown in with DaaS. In summary: the right mix of devices regardless of OS, with technical and security service provided by us, at a price that fits your budget, all optimised as we help you monitor your device fleet.

Give us a call or drop us a mail - we will come meet with you and show you how it all works.

Michael Diederiks: 083 775 9965 • michael@ayoh.co.za

Ross Rencken: 082 802 2235 • ross@ayoh.co.za

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