Date :  2019-03-25

Disruptive MPS

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting to this point in your business. Whether you are the business owner, or part of a team, you are always working towards something. Unless it is deleting spam email over your first morning coffee, very rarely do you do something in your job that won’t impact future projects, your colleagues, customers and the business as a whole.

So why should the infrastructure running those business processes be any different? For two decades, the norm for consultants in office automation has been to drop a box, with enough forms to fill the first ream of paper you print, then hightail it out of there to the next sale.

Two decades ago, we were still using rotary phones and pagers. AYOH has decided it is time to disrupt the status quo - and it’s all in our name. AYOH - AO - Applied Optimisation. The box (or what’s inside), is only as good as the document management around it. Yes, you need to print, copy, scan and fax, but you also need to get information into, through, and out of your business securely, from wherever you may be. With the amount of information being generated and consumed every day, the bigger challenge is actually managing and optimising the business processes supported by your print environment, rather than just getting the device in there in the first place.

When we come into your business, we are also working towards something: streamlining, digitising and automating as many of your business processes as we can, making your job easier and not adding the burden of a whole extra system to learn. First we need to understand where you are. Once we’ve assessed your print environment, we work with you to optimise your existing fleet, with a combination of hardware, software and workflow management. We tend to find our customers enjoy this part, because they inevitably end up saving about 30% on print costs. The third step is to take these now-streamlined processes and automate as many of them as we can.

Applied Optimisation can’t be packaged in a box, because it’s dynamic and constantly changing - just like the technology and world around us. We offer this as a service, fully believing that if we do our job well, you can do you job well, and that is what we’re working towards.

One of our customers will end up saving R684,000 over the 36 months of their contract with us - and that is purely on print costs. That doesn’t even include savings on time the IT department doesn’t spend fixing desktop printers, wasted consumables, admin costs. Applied Optimisation has already has huge business benefits for them, but we are only just getting started.

It is time this industry stopped dropping boxes, and started dropping the pretence, that the mobile, agile, fluid business landscape of today can operate on a business infrastructure better suited to rotary phones and pagers. Disrupt the status quo with AYOH - AO - Applied Optimisation.

Michael Diederiks: 083 775 9965 • michael@ayoh.co.za

Ross Rencken: 082 802 2235 • ross@ayoh.co.za

Let us disrupt your status quo. We will sign an all-inclusive, managed HP SLA with genuine HP parts and supplies, proactive automated billing, technical service and managed consumables stocking. Once you have control over your print environment, you can start the journey to convert it into a paperless, automated workflow.
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