Date :  2020-10-19

OpEx vs CapEx

If your business is going places, it makes sense to keep mobile. The HP House goes where you go, scaling up and down with the latest technology, the latest devices, and software that is always cutting edge.

Now, if you’re wondering how you could possibly afford this when IT hardware usually depreciates over 3 - 5 years, we have a surprising answer: switch to an OpEx payment model rather than using CapEx.

It’s easier than you think. With the emergence of Device as a Service and subscription-based services and software, you can pay month-to-month for IT hardware that you aren’t stuck with after 5 years. You can also ensure that every employee has exactly what they need to get the job done, instead of compromising tech requirements for price.

Powered by HP, AYOH will work with you to determine the best OpEx model for your business. With HP Financial Services and HP Integrated Financial Services available, monthly OpEx can free up liquid cash for you, while you are still able to invest in the best kind of IT infrastructure for your business.

Disrupt the status quo with AYOH, powered by HP.

Let us disrupt your status quo. We will sign an all-inclusive, managed HP SLA with genuine HP parts and supplies, proactive automated billing, technical service and managed consumables stocking. Once you have control over your print environment, you can start the journey to convert it into a paperless, automated workflow.
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